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Movie Home Improvement Overactive Glance download free! Book Title: Home Improvement Overactive Glance
Directors: John Pasquin
Genre: Comedy, Family
Release Date: 1992-09-30
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 30 min
Stars: Tim Allen,Patricia Richardson,Earl Hindman
IMDb Rating: 7.3

Full movie description "Home Improvement Overactive Glance":

Tim and Jill are going out for a dinner. Tim glues his hands together. Jill has asked Karen to babysit for the boys. Jill watches a Tool Time on tape and sees Tim checking out a woman's behind. Tim is then accused of having the wandering male eye with no control. Tim guarantees he's not going to "check out babes" while on dinner with Jill. Then he is approached in the restaurant by an ardent fan, Kiki Van Fursterwallenscheinlaw...

Movie Home Improvement Overactive Glance download free

Reviews of the Home Improvement Overactive Glance

Tim tries to help Randy find a solution to his problem playing football. The problem being that he couldn't seem to hold on to the ball, so Tim's solution would be to put glue on your hands. As expected, the dumbkopf gets his hands stuck together when attempting to demonstrate the effectiveness of his idea. So while the boys try to pull their father's hands apart, Jill bustles about to get ready for their big dinner date that night. Karen the babysitter stops by promptly and the two of them check out the latest episode of Tool Time, featuring Gadget Corner. But it wasn't the gadgets that caught Jill's attention so much as Tim checking out the woman demonstrating them. Nothing major, he just glanced at her backside as she walked away. Rather than handle it like adults, Jill shows the tape to Tim, who quickly tries to deny he'd done anything, and like usual, Jill and Karen gang up on him. They make a mountain out of a molehill. Right, like Jill's never checked out another male's anatomy before. She dares Tim to make it through dinner without checking out any of the female restaurant patrons, so Tim does his best Wilson impression by keeping his face hidden from view. As if he didn't already have enough problems, that glue was still on his hands, getting them stuck to everything. Just then, a couple comes in and sits across from them, including a woman with a bright red dress, Tim happens to glance at her and gets chastised for it. So if Jill is having such a problem with Tim looking at women, just GLANCING, not even full on, bona fide looking, then WHY in God's name did she point out a hot babe in a blue dress and goad Tim about it?! Who wrote this?!

Jill goes to the ladies' room while Tim tries his best not to check out the honey who may or may not be sitting behind him. Unfortunately, she notices him and comes over to his table. She's a Tool Time fan and asks for an autograph, which seems harmless enough, except that she has a ridiculously long last name. Tim writes as fast as he can, but then.... do I really need to say it? Jill comes back conveniently at that moment, and Tim chokes on a roll, but the restaurant patrons assume he's doing his Tool Man grunt. So they get home, and again, Jill and Karen team up for another round of "Tim is A Man and He Should Be Ashamed of Himself." Just constantly beating the guy down because he was born a man, and not only is that a crime in a woman's world, but it is also a crime to look at another female. Jill just won't stop picking and picking, asking Tim if he's unhappy in their relationship (I'd have answered yes), is it her hair? Again, YES, her hair looks like hell. But then he can't find a justifiable reason for why he looks, so I'd say they both lose. Can a talk with Wilson help? Tim lays out his situation, and although Wilson assures him it's part of his nature to look, he still calls what Tim did downright rude. Next day on Tool Time, Tim and Al are installing a faucet. Or rather, Al is doing all the work while Tim makes some strange analogy about an old hacksaw, relating his feelings about his wife. Al misinterprets to whom the message was aimed at and gives Tim a bear hug. At home, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor talk...this time like adults, about the whole looking situation. Tim stumbles with his words, but Jill eventually gets the point and forgives the big lug. We close on Tim having built a football training field for Randy in the backyard, but alas, as Tim tries it out, the practice dummies tackle him.

This episode starts out beyond ridiculous. Jill's behavior was equivalent to that of a bossy 8-year-old child. Now, keep in mind, I'm not blindly siding with Tim because I'm a man. I will admit it was rude of him to check out other women, especially when he's with his wife, but for the love of God, it got blown insanely out of proportion. The scenes at the restaurant and of Jill and Karen ragging on Tim are extremely annoying, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jill is a very insecure woman, and Karen is a straight up bitch. And again, what the hell was up with Jill pointing out Kiki and saying how hot she was, playing with Tim like that? Now THAT was just downright mean. While the writing was lousy with this one, the message came in a bit clearer at the end of the second act. Also, as you may know, that was Debbe Dunning playing Kiki Von Longestlastnameinhistory, and she'll be back next season as the new tool girl, Heidi. Do I recommend Overative Glance? Not really. It's isn't that funny and it has a threadbare plot. All you need to know is: Tim looks at other women, albeit for only a second, and Jill sees it as a horrific sin. There are better episodes to watch instead.

Movie Home Improvement Overactive Glance download free

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Movie Home Improvement Overactive Glance download free

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