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Movie Angel Reprise download free! Book Title: Angel Reprise
Directors: James Whitmore Jr.
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
Release Date: 2001-02-20
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 43 min
Stars: David Boreanaz,Charisma Carpenter,Alexis Denisof
IMDb Rating: 8.9

Full movie description "Angel Reprise":

As the Wolfram and Hart 75 year review draws near, Angel sees an opportunity to bring the whole company down. He is determined to get to the law firm's home office and destroy the senior partners. But, what he discovers has him hitting rock bottom. Meanwhile, Kate is fired from the police force, driving her to do something drastic.

Movie Angel Reprise download free

Reviews of the Angel Reprise

This episode is a turning point for Angel. He reaches rock bottom and gives up the fighting evil... Temporarily, anyway. "Reprise" is very, VERY important to understanding the story line next season. It also has Virginia and Wes breaking up. And it establishes the idea that Wolfram and Hart's employment contracts extend "well past" someone's death, an idea that will be revisited in season four. So, if you plan on watching any later seasons of "Angel," you have to see this episode.

Basically, "Reprise" revolves around the Wolfram and Hart 75 year review. All the lawyers there are terrified when it comes time for the senior partners to pass judgment on their evil work. Seeing an opportunity to get to reach Wolfram and Hart's home office and bring down the whole firm, Angel starts investigating. Wes, Gunn and Cordy learn that their client with the third-eye problem won't pay them. They're all feeling frustrated and, when Angel shows up at their office, things quickly deteriorate into a fight. He takes one of the magic books off their shelves, Cordy tries to stop him and Angel threatens her. Wes, still injured from his gunshot wound, gets involved. He stands up from the wheel chair, telling Cordy to give Angel the book so he'll leave. Angel takes the book and goes. But Wes has pulled six stitches and has to go back to the hospital. Virginia, finally seeing the dangerous life Wes leads, breaks up with him.

With the book, Angel heads to the magic shop that he last visited 50 years before. (See "Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been.") He then learns that he need a special glove, which the shop keeper just happens to have. With the glove, he can kill a demon, get a ring and enter the home offices of Wolfram and Hart. Just then, Darla arrives at the shop and steals the glove. She kills the shop keeper, wounds Angel and head to Wolfram and Hart. Angel follows her. As the 75 year review begins, the two of them fight. Angel finally kills the demon and get the ring. But when an elevator opens to take him to the home office, he's in for a surprise. Holland is back. It seems that death doesn't end a Wolfram and Hart employment contract. Holland still has to work for the company. He tells Angel that earth IS Wolfram and Harts home office. They're evil and the world will always have evil in it. Nothing can bring the law firm down.

Meanwhile, Kate is facing a review of her own. The police department, tired of her behavior and obsession with the weird cases, fires her. Kate goes home and swallows a bottle of sleeping pills. She calls Angel, but he doesn't care enough to even pick up the phone. He's traumatized by the news that he can never defeat evil and the Wolfram and Hart will always endure. He goes upstairs and finds Darla in his room. She was planning to kill him, but instead they end up sleeping together. Angel gives up on being good and fighting a battle he can't win. After he and Darla have sex, he gasps for breath and sits up in bed...

There are some good parts to this episode. I really enjoy the scene where Angel and Darla sleep together. It's just really dark and cool. And I like how the story line of the three eyed demons continues to play out over several episodes. It's just a neat way to set things up. Wes is so incredulous when the woman says they won't pay for the eye removal because the bill is outrageous. "Well, what would be a fair price for removing the third eye growing on the back of your daughter's skull?" And you just have to laugh as Wolfram and Hart prepares for the 75 years review. ("It'll make the Christams purge of '68 look like fun old times.") People are sacrificing their first born and cramming in as many last minute dark rituals as they can. I especially like those guys trying to slaughter the goats. They're trying to follow some printed instructions, but they have no idea how to do the ritual properly. "Sacrifical blade? I didn't see that in the box." And I like Lindsey and Darla's strange relationship. He's too nice a guy for her in a lot of ways. (He takes a shower every time he leaves Wolfram and Hart because it makes him feel dirty. A habit that has Drala rolling her eyes.) But Lindsey really cares for Darla and he just can't let her go. I feel kinna bad for him.

On the down side, Angel threatening Cordy and taking that book is just about as unlikable as he'll ever be. Also, I'm sorry that Angel didn't tell the beatnik shop keeper that he did finally kill the paranoia demon. The guy would have been happy to hear that. Also, why did Darla even want the ring? What was she planning to do with it?

My favorite part of the episode: Darla stabbing the shop keeper. Angel rushes forward to help the guy and the sword goes right through him, too. Darla makes this scoffing sound and says, "That's right, Angelus. Go TOWORDS the bleeding mortal, because that's the smart thing to do." It just cracks me up every time.

Movie Angel Reprise download free

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Movie Angel Reprise download free

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